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Special Needs Committee

Who We Are


The PTA Special Needs Committee fosters collaboration among parents, teachers, schools, and the community to support children with special needs.  Many schools have a Special Needs Committee Representative on their local PTA who represents the school on our council committee, provides information back to the school, and may plan programs or get-acquainted gatherings for the school site. 

For more information, please contact our Special Needs Chair, Kathy Houk

What We Do

  • Provide information and support to parents and staff so they can help children with special needs succeed.
  • Help ALL children and adults understand and appreciate challenges faced by children with special needs.
  • Work legislatively to secure and retain adequate laws and funding for children with special needs.

As part of our educational outreach, we are planning a valuable array of programs to provide support for parents and educators of children with special needs for the 2015-2016 school year, including:

  • Evening Programs:  Several evening programs will be offered throughout the year, on various topics related to children and youth with special needs.
  • Annual Parenting Conference:  We will arrange a variety of breakout sessions for the annual Parenting Conference in late February/early March of 2016.  Please look for conference information later in the fall.
  • Ability Awareness: We will provide and support ability awareness workshops and simulations to students, parents and staff.

Join Our E-mail Distribution List

We e-mail information about our upcoming programs, as well as other local programs of interest to the community, through the SRV Council Special Needs Constant Contact list. Please go to visit our site and click on the Join Email List button to receive the monthly council newsletter which always includes a Special Needs article. Also, during school registration, please select “Special Needs” on your interest form and you will receive information about campus events throughout the year.The Special Needs Committee also maintains a website. Our site includes information about our events as well as events and resources from other organizations dedicated to special needs issues in our community. To receive the quarterly Special Needs newsletter, please click on the Join Email List on this webpage.

If you would like information on special needs events at your school, please fill out the form below and return it at registration.  It will be shared with your school’s PTA Special Needs Representative.


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