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New Changes to Visual Arts Category for 2015!

Exciting new changes are coming to Reflections in the Visual Arts category! Starting this fall, 3D artwork will be accepted. 3D Art will include ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, fiber arts, etc. Now students can express their creations in media other than paper. Also, 2D Art will no longer have a thickness restriction. This means that students may use traditional canvas on wood and not worry about having their artwork disqualified if it's over 3/8" in thickness. There are conditions that students must follow, however, so please review all rules carefully. The General Rules and the specific rules for each category are available below. 





PTA Reflections Art Program 2018-2019






Jaguars!! Its time to celebrate Arts in Education program through Reflections 2018-19 (in its 50th successful year). Reflections is a National PTA flagship program that provides students a platform to imagine, create and celebrate art. This year's theme is 'HEROES AROUND ME'. Students (6th, 7th and 8th Grade) could choose from one or all of the listed 6 categories: 


1. Dance Choreography

2. Film Production

3. Music Composition

4. Photography

5. Literature

6. Visual Arts

There is also special artist division for students from Special-Ed. 


Deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 10th at Iron Horse School office. Entries will be accepted starting Monday, October 8th until Wednesday, October 10th.


Flyer outlining rules and guidelines and student entry form have been attached. Forms are also available in the school office. Each art submission requires a separate entry form. Student name should NOT be written on the art work. The entry form can be lightly taped at the back of a visual arts piece. 


Please refer to the attached specific guidelines for entries for selected categories. Entries will be judged on theme interpretation, creativity and technique. Winners will be announced during the 3rd week of October and they will move up to the council level. 


For questions, please email program chairs: and