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Iron Horse PTA publishes a weekly e-newsletter "What's Up".  To join our mailing list, click on the green button and select Iron Horse Middle School.

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Upcoming Important Dates 2018- 2019

Aug 23              PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00  Library


Sept 28             PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00  Library


Oct 18               Family Fun Night  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Oct 25               PTA Meeting     9:30- 11 :00  Teachers Lounge


Nov 29              PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00  Library


Jan 24               PTA Meeting     9:30- 11 :00   Teachers Lounge


Feb 28               PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00  Library


March 28          PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00  Library


April 25              PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00 Library


May 23                PTA Meeting    10:30- 12 :00 Library




Click My Cause

Looking for an easy way to support PTA approved bills in Sacramento?  Download the Click My Cause app from the App Store.

For additional information, please contact our VP for Legislation at Iron Horse,  Rajeev Tiwari

SRVUSD Volunteer Clearance

Adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus, drive and/or chaperone a day and/or overnight field trip and/or athletic event need to apply through the Volunteer Management System (VMS).  The VMS is a web-based software application that allows the District and all schools to better track and provide the appropriate level of clearance for school volunteers.


SRVUSD has partnered with Be A Mentor, Inc., to support the on line registration and screening process of school volunteers. 

The VMS includes three (3) levels of volunteer clearance and tracking. Please know that the District will NOT be asking parents to incur any of the costs associated with these clearance processes. During the online application process, you will be asked to choose the level or levels of clearance you will need based on your anticipated involvement. You may choose to select one, two or all three levels of clearance.


For families new to IHMS, please be sure to update your profile to include IHMS as one of your volunteer schools.



Collect Boxtops for our School!  

Box Tops is back!  Here are few ways we collect Box Tops & Bonus Box Tops Codes.  We will collect twice a year.  First deadline is October 26, 2018.  Collection sheets are available to print or put them in a Ziploc bag.

1.  Students can bring Box Tops to their 1st Period Classroom.  Our IHMS Student Leadership will collect them.

2.  You can drop them off at the office.

****No expired Box Tops please.




With 92 percent of teens going online daily and nearly three-quarters of kids age 0–8 using apps, as parents and educators, we want to raise kids to be safe, responsible, and ethical in the digital world. Giving kids a solid understanding of how we expect them to behave -- both online and off -- starts everyone off on the right foot.

SRVUSD has a new digital citizenship website where you can find more information


Common Sense Media offers parents a number of resources to help you have discussions with your teens as well as learn about the websites and apps they are using. Not sure where to start the conversation with your students? Take a look at Common Sense Media’s tips for talking with your kids about being digital citizens or look at their webpage on frequent parent concerns.