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Free Money for Iron Horse!

Many merchants donate to local schools through the scrip programs.  It is an easy and no cost way for all Iron Horse families and friends to support the education fund.  All it takes is to sign up for the free memberships and designate Iron Horse Middle School as the scrip organization!  Please join in and maximize our earning potential! 

The bad news: Safeway Stores, who’s been the majority donor in eScrip has stopped participating in the program.  The impact to IHMS is close to $10,000 income loss to the Education Fund annually!  If you had been contributing with the use of Safeway Rewards card, we need you NOW more than ever before to help makeup this loss.

The good news: There are many easy, cost free and convenient alternatives to contribute.  You can earn for the school through online shopping, dining out and shopping at local grocers and merchants.  Check out the following links and signup!! 

Click the following links to learn about ways to earn for education!


Online Mall

Dining, Travel & In Town Stores  

Raleys/Nob Hill Extra Credit Scrip Program



The longest running, most successful shop-to-fundraise program has raised over $420 Million for local schools & nonprofits.  It provides an effortless way to support education. Every time you shop, dine or travel, a percentage of your purchase comes back to IHMS, Amazon donates 1.2% of purchases, Lunardi’s Market 4%, Draeger’s up to 2%, Garlex Pizza 2.5%, just to name a few.  Spread the word and encourage your friends, and family everywhere to earn contributions for IHMS.  All they have to do is to choose "Iron Horse Middle School Education Fund" when they sign up for eScrip.  

Click here to find out more about the eScrip program


Online Mall

The eScrip Online Mall contributes up to 16% of your purchases from over 1000 name brand merchants.  Earning is simple, just sign in at before you shop!

  • You shop from the same websites you know and trust and pay exactly the same price.
  • The specific items you buy are not recorded in any way, just the total you spent from each merchant so you can earn contributions.
  • You do NOT need to register your credit/debit cards with eScrip Online Mall
  • Downloading "ForgetMeNot" to your browser will allow you to go directly to most of the participating online merchant site without signing in first. is an exception though.

Click here to learn more about the eScrip Online Mall Program


Dining, Travel & Shop in Town

Another easy and most convenient way to earn for Iron Horse is by registering your credit/debit cards with eScrip and shop at many merchants Dining out?  Pay with your registered card at participating restaurants to earn 2.5% contribution and an additional 2.5% if you choose to complete the restaurant review! 

No need to worry, your registered card information is safe.  eScrip has contracted with a national processor who provides state-of-the-art technology for administration of their program.  Its systems have met the strict requirements of all the participating merchants in the area of security, safety and confidentiality. 

In case if you’re wondering, eScrip has nothing to do with the benefits that may be offered by the credit/debit card provider.  This is the beauty of registering all your frequently used cards, you earn for education, while still earning rewards such as airline miles from you credit/debit card provider – a real win-win!

Security and card facts you show know:

  • eScrip will never charge anything to your credit/debit cards!
  • Information provided to eScrip are only used to identify transactions at participating merchants, in order to calculate earned contributions for our school
  • Card details are encrypted and stored in a secure environment
  • For added security, eScrip never asks for secure information such as card expiration date, security code (CSC)/card verification value (CVV)

Click here to learn about the eScrip Dining and more!


Raleys/Nob Hill Extra Credit Scrip Program                

Raley's/Nob Hill Store had donated over $14 million to local schools and youth nonprofits through their Extra Credit electronic scrip program.  The new and improved scrip program makes it simpler to use, and easier to raise funds.  All it takes is to sign up for the Something Extra rewards program and designate 100% to “Iron Horse Mid Schl Education Fund” for the scrip organization (or other percentage, if you want to share the donations with other schools or nonprofits).  Then every time you shop, provide your Something Extra account phone number and donations will be credited to our school fund.

Get started by clicking here and you are on your way to earning for education!


Need help with sign up or have questions on these scrip programs?

Email us if you have any questions.


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