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Board Members 2019-20

President : Lisa Mittone

Vice President: Brian Trouette

Treasurer: Monica Wong 

Secretary: Kristina Lorenzini

Financial Secretary: Christine Simmons 

Principal: Demetrius Ball

PTA Representative: Open

Staff Representative: 

Kyle Sprickman


Matching Funds Coordinator: Suzy Kasad

Director: Dennis Davis

Director: Rick Leibowitz

2019-20 scheduled Meetings

August 19, 2019 IHMS Library

September 9, 2019  IHMS Library

November 4, 2019 IHMS Library

January 13, 2019 IHMS Library

March 9, 2019 IHMS Library

May 4, 2020 IHMS Library


IHMS Ed Fund

Purpose of IHMS Ed Fund

The Iron Horse Middle School Education Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and determining the most effective use of those funds to help maintain and enhance the quality of education at Iron Horse Middle School.  This is accomplished through the collaboration of parents, educators, the school’s Site Council, the school’s PTA, and the community.  In addition, the Education Fund works closely with the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF), the primary fundraising organization working in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to provide financial support and promote public education in our community.

 Why is the Education Fund needed?

California ranks among the lowest of States in the Nation in terms of school staff per pupil and average spending per pupil.  The parents and staff of Iron Horse Middle School believe that our students deserve smaller class sizes along with up to date technology.  The Education Fund was established to provide the critical technology and smaller class sizes that the school district and the state simply do not fund.  We work hard to elevate the level of education at Iron Horse Middle School, but we need your support to be successful! 

How can I help support the Education Fund?

  • Make a donation to the Education Fund today using the Iron Horse Future Fund Website.  For $375 per Student we can continue to provide enhanced Technology, Reduced Class sizes as well as school support.
  • All donations are tax deductible!  Use the following exempt tax ID: 91-1780917
  • Find out if your employer matches your donation as corporate matching which can often double your donation!
  • Use Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon and indicate Iron Horse Middle School Education Fund as your charity!  This is the same exact site as Amazon or Amazon Prime, and this is a simple way to help your school.
  • Attend the Dine In/Dine Out Nights; check your email for details.

What has been funded for the 2019-20 academic school year:

  1. Reduce class sizes: We reduce core academic class sizes and lower the student to teacher ratio by paying the district for additional "teacher sections", with each section being the cost to hire a teacher for one period. Through your generous donations, IHMSEF funded 8 additional sections in the 2019-20 academic year to keep our class size in Core 6, Math 6, 7, and 8, and Science 6 and 7 to 30 students. Without these additional sections, class size average could reach 34-35 students. 
  2. Technology support and upgrade: Based on input from the Principal and Site Council, IHMSEF purchases devices which enable students to access digital tools that help them research, take notes, create, and author as 21st century learners. This provides our students access to a much richer variety of educational materials while developing proficiency and keeping abreast of the latest technology. This past year we purchased full class sets of ipads and chromebooks for Core 6, 7 and 8 which has brought us closer to a 1:1 technology ration and with your donations we hope to put additional technology into your students’ hands. IHMSEF is a great opportunity for parents to directly support the quality of education. For the 2019-20 academic year, the suggested donation is $375 per student. Your most generous contribution will help sustain our school’s tradition of excellence.

These goals are only achieved with the generous donation from our parent community.  Without your help these goals are only a dream, with your donation these goals become your students Reality. 

Thank you for your continued support!


education fund video


Make a Donation to the ed fund

We ask each Iron Horse family to donate $360 per student to make these funding initiatives possible.  ($360 for 1 student, $720 for 2, etc.)

To make payments easier, your donation can be made in four installments of $90 or paid in one lump sum. Click the Donate Now button below to be taken to our IHMS FutureFund store. Then, simply check the box marked "Donate in 4 easy monthly installments". 

If you cannot make the full donation at this time, any amount is greatly appreciated.  Click the Donate Now button below to be taken to our IHMS FutureFund store. Then, simply click the Other button to enter your desired donation amount.

Click here to donate to IHMSEF.

Thank you for your support of our students!



San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
San Ramon Valley Education Foundation