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Academic Support


  • Always begin your search for academic help/support by contacting the teachers and discussing your concerns.  Communicating directly with your child's teacher is the best place to begin.

School Loop: (Students and parents/guardians MUST have their own account)

  • Register at
  • Monitor your weekly progress-check to make sure you've submitted all of your work.  Teachers are required to update once every two week.
  • Email access to your teacher- write them directly and ask questions.  They will respond!
  • Explanations and details of daily and long term assignments (Some teacher) still write down assignments.

Teacher Conferences:

  • If your student is having trouble in a particular class you should arrange to have a meeting with the teacher.  Many issues can be resolved by doing this.  The best way to contact a teacher is through email or school loop.  It is important that you contact the teacher first if there is an issue within the classroom

Study Club

  • Study club is offered twice a week after school for one hour as a place for students to get homework done.  Teacher supervision is provided, but students are expected to work independently.  Depending on the day/room different books/technology resources may be available.  See the schedule posted on the study club site to know which classroom is hosting.  Study club is not offered on minimum days.

Outside Tutors:

  •  Schools are no longer allowed to to make referrals to private adult tutors.

Peer Tutoring:

  • TBA

Contra Costa County Library Homework Help:

  • The Contra Costa Library has one on one, online homework help at with a valid library card.
  • Homework support and tips for parents and students:
  • Support for children and families with learning and attentional difference: