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2019/2020 Electives Registration Information for current 6th and 7th graders

Elective Registration

To sign up for your elective courses for next year go to:




Username:  ih.jdoe

Password: ID#000000 (your ID number)

Elective Sign Ups

6th grade students will watch the elective presentation on Monday, March 4th, and 7th grade students will watch the presentation on Tuesday, March 5th.


To view the 6th grade presentation


To view the 7th grade presentation


Students have until Friday, March 8th to register for their electives and turn in their course request form to their CORE teacher.  While we do our best to honor all requests, it is important to submit your electives correctly, and on time.  Not following directions carefully or turning your form in late could jeopardize your chances of getting your first choice.


Applications for classes requiring them are due by 3:00 PM on Thursday, March 14.

How Many Classes Do You Sign Up For???

You must choose the equivalent of 2 periods worth of electives for the whole year, plus alternates...


What that looks like:


2 year long classes


1 year long and 2 semester


4 semester long classes



you will pick 4 semester long alternates.


Don't pick a foreign language or band class as an alternate... (you either want to take the class, or you don't! They don't make good alternate choices!)



For 6th graders wanting to take Foreign Language

Taking a foreign language in middle school can be very exciting and challenging.  The program we have breaks the first year of high school French and Spanish up into two years allowing the students to go at a slower pace than their high school counterparts.


One requirement for admission in to French 1A and Spanish 1A is a B- or better in Language Arts.  Even if your child receives a signature from their teacher at the time of course registration, if their ending semester grade is a C+ or lower, they will be removed from the class and put into one of their alternative classes.  The reason for this is that we want our students to be able to focus and excel in their general curricular courses before adding on another academic elective.  This does not put your child behind.  They will have plenty of opportunity to take foreign language in the high school.  Additionally, foreign language is not a high school graduation requirement, it is however, a college admission requirement.  

Elective Choices

Semester Electives:

Art 2D (formerly known as Art 1)

Art 3 (formerly known as Art 2)

Advanced Art (application)

Computer Projects

Computer Science

Media and Graphic Design

Video Productions


Foods B: Baking

Foods C: Meals

Beginning Drama

Advanced Drama

Musical Theatre

Stagecraft (application)

Environmental Science

Advanced Tech 1

Advanced Tech 2 (8th grade ONLY)

Teacher Aide (priority to 8th grade)

Peer Support Aide (application)

Media Aide

Office Aide (8th grade ONLY)


Yearlong Electives:

French 1A/1B

Spanish 1A/1B

Symphonic Band

String Orchestra

Jazz Band (audition)

Leadership (application/interview)

Yearbook (application/interview)

AVID (application/interview)



Application Class Links:

Advanced Art Application

Leadership Application

Stagecraft Application

Yearbook Application

Applications Due Thursday, March 14, 3:00 PM


AVID Parent Night to be held March 26 at 6:30 PM and application will be available after that.  

AVID Applications will be due April 9 by 3:00 PM.

Please contact  Ms. Lawver for information.

For more information about AVID, view: 

AVID Presentation


Special Notes

Do NOT sign up for an elective you cannot take:


For example:  If you are currently a 6th grader do NOT sign up for: 

Advanced Tech 2, Office Aide, Spanish 1B or French 1B


If you are a current 7th grader, do NOT sign up for:

Spanish 1A or French 1A


You will be removed and you will lose one of your choices.  This may result in you being put in what ever class is available.