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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation, headed by Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. De Silva, is a form of conflict resolution where trained student mediators, with adult supervision, help their peers talk out and resolve interpersonal conflicts. The mediators do not take sides or make decisions for their peers; they assist them in finding their own solutions. Peer mediation is a safe, effective program that has been initiated in hundreds of schools across the United States.

Mediation is voluntary so the students with conflicts work with mediators. Through this program, students will learn to resolve conflicts in a suitable and respectful way. Students who participate in the peer mediation process should be willing to:

* Solve the problem
* Be honest
* Allow the other person to present his or her version without interrupting
* Be polite
* Be respectful to all persons involved in the mediation process
* Do his or her part in carrying out the agreed-upon solution
* Keep the process confidential

The mediation will take place through contacting a teacher, guidance counselor or peer mediator coordinator.