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After School Sports


6/7/8th grade Flag Football: 

Informational meeting:  Aug. 20th

Games: Sept. 3rd – Oct. 3rd

6/7/8th grade Volleyball:

Informational meeting: Aug. 20th

Games: Sept. 3rd – Oct. 3rd

6/7/8th grade Cross Country:

Informational meeting:  August 27th

Practices/Meets: Sept. 9th- Oct.3rd

7/8th grade Badminton:  

Informational meeting: Sept. 17th  

Games: Oct. 15th  – Nov. 14th

6/7/8th grade Dodgeball:

Informational meeting: Dec. 12th  

Games: Jan. 14th – Feb. 13th

6th grade Badminton:  

Informational meeting: Feb. 4th  

Games: Feb. 25th  – Mar. 31st

  6/7/8th grade Basketball:

Informational meeting: Mar. 24th

Game: Apr. 14th- May 12th

After School Sport Donation Letter

Dear Parents and Students of Iron Horse Middle School:

Iron Horse Middle School is very proud to be able to offer our Intramural After School Sports Program to students in all three grade levels.  Iron Horse’s intramural sports program is a non-competitive, equal opportunity program created in order to give students the opportunity to play sports, make friends, and become a part of the Iron Horse Middle School Community.  

In the 2019-2020 school year, we plan to offer Cross Country, Dodgeball, Flag Football Passing League, Volleyball, Badminton, and Basketball.  Each season is approximately 5 weeks long with two 1 hour games per week.  All games and practices will be held at Iron Horse.  There are no tryouts or cuts for any after school team.  Interested students should attend the informational meeting, which is held prior to the sports’ beginning. 

As there are no district funds available for after school sports, the program depends solely on parent donations. The parent donation pays for coaches and necessary equipment.  We do request a one-time donation of $60.00 per sport ($6 per practice/game).  Any After School Sport that does not receive enough donations will be canceled and all funding will be reimbursed (less $2.10 processing fee).

Please use the following link to complete your donation.


Checks can be made out to Iron Horse Middle School and given to the coach or the front office.

We look forward to student participation and thank you in advance for your support and donation. 


Scott Matek

Athletic Director

Iron Horse Middle School


IHMS Sports Program Philosophy

The after-school sports program at Iron Horse Middle School provides students with an opportunity to participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports. Although games are competitive by nature, the emphasis is on participation.

Participation in sports develops a strong sense of pride, responsibility and school spirit. Student-athletes learn and develop self-esteem, commitment, sportsmanship, and respect for oneself, as well as for teammates, competitors, coaches, and officials. 


Athletic Director

2019-20 Coaching StafF

6/7/8th Grade Flag Football  Sept. 3 - Oct. 3

Kate Adragna

Alessandra Castro


6/7/8th Grade Volleyball     Sept.3-Oct. 3

Susan Irwin

Sarah Laake

6/7/8th Grade Cross Country Sept. 9-Oct. 3

Lacey Lowe

7/8th Grade Badminton      Oct.15 - Nov.14

Lacey Lowe

6/7/8th Grade Dodgeball         Jan. 14 - Feb. 13

Scott Matek

Frank Borghi

6th Grade Badminton          Feb.25 - Mar.31

Shayne Downey

6/7/8th Grade Basketball   Apr.14-May 12

Scott Matek

Frank Borghi